For pain relief and relaxation, we practice a therapy as ancient as humanity. We have the training and the experience to combine effective techniques with wholesome indulgence. 


  • Hot and cold sensory tools, aromatherapy, and a variety of oils and lotions are offered.

  • Studious bodyworkers trained in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Thai Massage, Sports Manipulations, Structural Integration, Prenatal, Tui Na, and Shiatsu are beyond cookie-cutter protocols.

  • Immaculate linens, plush robes, purified water, and a soothing soundtrack for your comfort.

  • Your treatment is your time. Tell us what is important to you.



THIRTY                                          $65

SIXTY                                             $105

NINETY                                         $135

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY          $165




We are committed to your health and beauty. Tell us a little bit about your skin, so that we can design a facial to balance and nurture you.


  • Microdermabrasion, sonic cleansing, ultrasound lifting, and chemical peels available when indicated.

  • No upcharges for adding effective instruments and product to a treatment.

  • When it comes to product, we are picky beyond belief. 

  • Careful exfoliation and extractions with experienced hands reduces acne for all ages.

  • Results-oriented anti-aging strategies and treatments.



SIXTY                                              $105

NINETY                                          $135




Let us encase your body in therapeutic steam; relieving pain and increasing circulation to promote healing. Relax and open up to our herbs, oils, and clays, freshly prepared for each guest.


  • Choose herbs targeting muscle and joint soreness, detoxification, or relaxation.

  • Let the steam speed up the metabolism, oxygenate the tissues, and clean the body through sweat.

  • A superior treatment for those with arthritis, allergies, congestion, stiff muscles, and limited flexibility.



STEAM  ADD-ON                         $50





Your skin is an enormous organ; opening and closing, able to absorb and responsive to topical therapies. Be proud of every inch and bring out its best with a mélange of our scrupulously sourced scrubs, clays, butters, oils, and compresses. 


  • Salt and sugar scrubs applied warm and wiped clean with hot towels will slough dead skin and return a healthy glow, and followed by coconut oil to soften and rejuvenate.

  • Customized masks made with purifying or hydrating clays restore balance to dry or irritated skin.  Oils and butters used to compliment results

  • Tell us about your body and skin's needs, and we will customize a recipe, just for you.



SCRUB ADD-ON                         $25

SCRUB & MASK ADD-ON         $40

THAI COMPRESS                        $35 (compresses included to take home)



A lovely and reliable foam bronzer applied evenly over the skin with a large soft brush for perfect blending and flawless coverage.  Lasts about 5 days.



BRONZING  ADD-ON               $50







As organic as it gets, water soluble, and safe to do every week for an artful glow.  A little slight of hand with contouring, and you’re beach-ready.  Come scrubbed and shaved (if you choose), leave looking California kissed.



AIRBRUSH TAN                         $60